Japanese Lights

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This pack contains a set of stunning Japanese Lights, Lanterns and lamp posts to compliment any indoor or outdoor scene. 7 models are included with physically based rendered textures. Multiple materials exist for most models allowing the developer to create a myriad of unique game assets. 25 prefabs have been included.

    1 x pole lamp 4 x lantern 1 x ceiling light 1 x tall floor
  • Working lights! Included scripts turn on/off UnityEngine.Light(s) as well as modify the emission value of materials.
  • Stunning life-like PBR textures
  • Great range of Japanese style lights to suit a spectrum of scenes
  • - 25 prefabs
How to Use

Simply locate the 'Prefabs' folder and drag a prefab into your scene. You can also drag the desired model (from 'Models' folder) into the scene and apply the materials from the 'Materials' folder. NOTE: All prefabs contain one or more UnityEnding.Light Game Objects to light the scene. If many lights are placed close together, it maybe desirable to disable, remove or lower the intensity of the Light Game Object. For example, if many ceiling lights are placed together, disable the child Light game object so the scene is not too bright. It is worth noting that the UnityEnding.Light(s) already included in this pack are set to 'Realtime' mode. Please modify as required. To turn the lights on/off via script, call the TurnOn(), TurnOff() or Toggle() method from the GSLight component attached to each light. See the instructions under the Assets folder for further information.


Japanese Lights textures have been developed using Physically Based Rendering (PBR) techniques. As a result, the game assets accurately represent real-world surfaces in all lighting environments.

  • 25 Prefabs for 7 models
Ploygon Count
  • Light-001: 312 Tris
  • Light-002: 412 Tris
  • Light-003: 392 Tris
  • Light-004: 1k Tris
  • Light-005: 798 Tris
  • Light-006: 164 Tris
  • Light-007: 750 Tris