Indoor Lamps

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Indoor Lamps with many light shade styles. 7 models and 66 prefabs covering many styles. Multiple physically based rendered textures exist for each asset.

    1 desk lamp 1 floor (tall) lamp. 5 inter-changeable lamp/light shades The models are modular, so combined with the many included materials, you can create many variations. For example, 81 variations of the desk lamp can be created
  • 66 prefabs
  • Modular models for maximum variation
  • Stunning High-res 2k PBR textures
  • Light Game objects included in prefabs
How to Use

Simply locate the 'prefabs' folder and drag a prefab into your scene. You can also use the models and materials included to create many more variations of these lights.


The indoor lamp textures have been developed using Physically Based Rendering (PBR) techniques. As a result, the game assets accurately represent real-world surfaces in all lighting environments. This pack uses 2k textures.

  • Desk Lamp - (20 Styles)
  • Tall Lamp - (20 Styles)
  • Light Shades - (26 Styles)
Ploygon Count
  • Desk Lamp: 806 Tris
  • Tall Lamp: 982 Tris
  • Light Shade 1: 256 Tris
  • Light Shade 2: 256 Tris
  • Light Shade 3: 32 Tris
  • Light Shade 4: 256 Tris
  • Light Shade 5: 432 Tris