Barrels and Crates

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This Barrels and Crates Pack contains a standard 44 gallon oil drum, a explosives crate and wooden boxes. Multiple physically based rendered textures exist for each asset. Colliders and rigid bodies are also provided and ready to use.

    This pack includes 2 create models and an oil barrel model. They are low poly and designed to support all platforms.
  • Low poly assets
  • High-res 2k PBR textures
  • Collider mesh included
How to Use

Simply locate the 'prefabs' folder and drag a prefab into your scene


The Barrel and Crate textures have been developed using Physically Based Rendering (PBR) techniques. As a result, the game assets accurately represent real-world surfaces in all lighting environments. This pack uses 2k textures.

  • Explosives Crate
  • Box Crate (light wood)
  • Box Crate (dark wood)
  • Shiny Red Barrel
  • Shiny Green Barrel
  • Shiny Blue Barrel
  • Shiny Metal Barrel
  • Rusty Red Barrel
  • Rusty Green Barrel
  • Rusty Blue Barrel
Ploygon Count
  • Barrel: 920 Tris
  • Explosives Crate: 1,176 Tris
  • Square Crate with rope handles: 828 Tris